Founder of Pfeifer Sales Academy

An entrepreneur and sales leader with 20 years of experience across many industries including tech, media, travel and hospitality and retail to name a few.  

Passionate about entrepreneurialism and sales as a mindset and a way of life. What makes an engagement with Philip unique:

  1. Conflict Resolution: Adversity presents us with great opportunity.  If we can move through it in the right way we will come out on the other side stronger than we were before.
  2. Empowering: Stems from our core value of helping others to become empowered. Our goal is to teach you how to operate without us.
  3. Fun: Enjoying the process even through the hard times is a competitive advantage for the long run.  You want cohesive and functional teams.

Pfeifer Sales Academy is headquartered in Los Angeles and the place to go for entrepreneurs and sales leaders looking to dramatically grow their business.  


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